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Independent – you should be, so are we

How can you manage your retirement assets safely and profitably? How can you use insurance to organize your pension arrangements in the event of disability or death? What steps would it be wise to take before moving away from Switzerland?

Independent will answer these questions for you independently of banks and insurance companies and put them into effect as individual concepts and solutions. You will be completely free to make your own decisions: mature, responsible and empowered.

Independent is a vested benefits foundation headquartered in Canton Schwyz. We advise and assist you in optimally managing your personal economic interests so that they dovetail with your stage of life, your expectations and your perspectives.

Our clients benefit from comprehensive transparency, a high level of efficiency and the generation of optimal value if they are:

  • Self-employed
  • Employees and people not gainfully employed in Switzerland
  • Employees working abroad
  • People taking early retirement
  • People not gainfully employed taking a language course abroad
  • People not gainfully employed doing a course of study abroad
  • People moving away from Switzerland
  • Non-UK tax residents; for further details see QROPS

Vested benefits foundation
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6430 Schwyz
T +41 41 819 60 73
F +41 41 819 60 69

Withholding tax calculation module
when moving away from Switzerland
With this tool you can calculate the withholding tax rate that would apply (Federation and Canton Schwyz) directly.