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Insurance cover

Choose the best solution the market can offer

Insurance companies offer a wide range of schemes. Usually it is difficult to compare benefits and premiums. Statutory regulations have to be complied with. You may take advantage of optimization opportunities.

Independent knows the market, the regulations and the optimization opportunities.

The following groups of persons can benefit from insurance cover:

Gainfully employed

  • Living and working in Switzerland

Not gainfully employed

  • Living in Switzerland

The condition for insurance:

  • A minimum of CHF 100,000 in pension assets

Independent can offer you the following insurance benefits:

Disability pension

Lump sum payable at death

Max. 30% of vested benefit capital,
maximum of CHF 300’000 p.a.

Max. 300% of vested benefit capital,
maximum of CHF 5 million

  • Insurance for the disability pensions and lump sums payable at death can be taken out individually or in combination
  • All insurance benefits include sickness and accident cover
  • 24-month waiting period for disability pension and exemption from premiums

The financing of the risk premium is regulated as follows:

  • Offset against retirement assets
  • Risk premium is billed

Are you interested in our offering?
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